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Coming from England, I moved over to Australia back in January of 2010.


Currently I'm living on the NSW Central Coast, an hour north of Sydney with my family, and working as a Paramedic for NSW Ambulance

I have always wanted to have an actual camera to take up photography rather than relying on my phone and since getting my first one several years ago, it has quickly become my favourite pastime outside of work and family life.

I use my camera as a form of communication to capture what he sees around me. Using my camera I document the world around, sharing the magic I see in daily life.

My pictures tell my stories.

Through my pictures, I invite you to bring those stories into your life and home.

New photographs are updated to my Facebook and Instagram pages frequently.

All photography is printed on the highest quality materials in order to provide the best quality fine art and increase the longevity for both the home and office and I am always happy to discuss ideas you have for new pieces if I don't have anything in my existing collection.

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